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Taxonomy of Programs Codes

TOP 02 – Architecture and Related Technologies

Instructional programs that prepare individuals to assist in architectural tasks, including the creation, adoption, alteration, preservation, and control of physical and social surroundings.

* 0201.00 – Architecture and Architectural Technology
Planning, organization, and enclosure of space for functional and esthetic purposes, including the design of structures, testing of materials, estimating, environmental impact studies, and dealing with contracts and specifications.

* 0201.10 – Landscape Architecture

* 0299.00 – Other Architecture and Environmental Design
Specify (includes all emerging occupations).

TOP 05 – Business and Management

Instructional programs that prepare individuals for a variety of activities in planning, organiz-ing, directing, and managing all business office systems and procedures.

* 0501.00 – Business and Commerce, General
Processes, principles, and procedures of purchasing, selling, producing, and interchang-ing goods, commodities, and services to prepare a person for a position of responsibility, management, and/or ownership.

* 0502.00 – Accounting
Procedures to systematize information about transactions and activities into accounts and quantitative reports to verify accuracy of data by applying accounting, internal reporting, and decision making princi-ples. Includes accounting and financial reporting that assists in making internal management decisions.

* 0502.10 – Tax Studies
Tax preparation and tax management services for individuals and businesses, including individual and business income tax preparation, and tax planning.

* 0504.00 – Banking and Finance

Financial sectors of the general economy to prepare individuals to engage in financial or banking services. Includes bank management, investments, and loan analysis and management.

* 0505.00 – Business Administration
Programs designed to give a broad, balanced introduction to professional careers in business, usually including business law, economics, mathematics, managerial accounting and computer systems. Includes transfer programs.

* 0506.00 – Business Management
Planning, organizing, directing, and controlling business operations. Includes various theories and practical applications ued to maintain business sustainability through the management of capital, financial, and human resources.

* 0506.30 – Management Development and Supervision
Supervising employees; budgeting, analysis, and coordinating clerical activities; evaluating, organizing, and revising office operations; design of facilities to pro-vide maximum production; evaluating employee records; and coordinating activi-ties of clerical departments and workers, dispute resolution, and mediation.

* 0506.40 – Small Business and Entrepreneurship
Principles and methods of small business wholesale, retail, or service operations for owners/managers, and marketing principles and methods applicable to developing businesses.

* 0506.50 – Retail Store Operations and Management
Principles and methods of retail store operations and management, including department stores and supermarkets.

* 0508.00 – International Business and Trade
Principles of managing a business in an international context, and of exporting or importing of industrial or consumer goods in world markets. Includes trade controls, foreign trade operations, locating markets, negotiation practices, monetary issues, and international law and public relations.

* 0509.00 – Marketing and Distribution
Marketing functions and tasks that facilitate the flow of goods and services to customers and/or ultimate consumers.

* 0509.10 – Advertising
Describes the creation, execution, transmission, and evaluation of commercial messages concerned with the promotion and sale of products and services.

* 0509.20 – Purchasing
The purchase of machinery, raw materials, and product components for manufac-turing firms; office supplies, furniture, and business machines for a place of busi-ness; or the supplies and equipment needed to conduct a retail or service business.

* 0509.50 –Sales and Salesmanship)
Sales functions and tasks generally applicable to any marketing environ-ment, including retailing, sales, and customer service.

* 0509.60 – Display
Creation of products or institutional displays and exhibits for the purpose of stimulating sales and goodwill.

* 0509.70 – E-Commerce (business emphasis)
Programs that combine marketing and management principles with technical applications of the Internet and World Wide Web, with main emphasis on business principles.
(see 0508.00)

* 0510.00 – Logistics and Materials Transportation

Theory, principles, functions, and procedures for the orderly and economic receiving, manufacturing, shipping, and servicing of products or services.

* 0511.00 – Real Estate
Theory and techniques of buying, selling, appraising, renting, managing, and leasing real property. Includes marketing, financing government regulations, and legal aspects of real estate and land economics.

* 0511.10 – Escrow
Principles and methods of real estate escrow and title company operations.

* 0512.00 – Insurance
Risk analysis and personal and/or business insurance and their application in such things as life, disability, property, liability, and fiduciary trust and annuity under-writing.

* 0514.00 – Office Technology/Office Computer Applications
Recording and disseminating of information, by manual and/or electronic means, including administrative office prac-tices (keyboard-ing, computer literacy/applications internet usage, e-mailing, scheduling, etc.), global concepts, and office management skills (problem solving, critical thinking, and interpersonal relations).

* 0514.10 – Legal Office Technology
Preparation of legal papers and correspondence by manual and/or electronic means. Includes legal terminology, pro-ce-dures, and documents.

* 0514.20 – Medical Office Technology
Prepares individuals to perform medical office administrative duties by manual and/or electronic means. Includes a knowledge of medical terminology, as well as hospital, clinic, or laboratory procedures, and compiling and maintaining medical records.

* 0514.30 – Court Reporting
Prepares individuals to record court testimony or other proceedings by machine short-hand. Prepares also for closed captioning and scoping.

* 0514.40 – Office Management
Preparation to supervise and manage operations and personnel of business offices, including supervision, budgeting, scheduling, office systems and records.

* 0516.00 – Labor and Industrial Relations
Describes the history and development of the labor movement, including the analysis and interpretation of federal and state regulations, union contracts, labor negotiations, conciliation, arbitration, and grievance procedures.

* 0599.00 – Other Business and Management
Specify (includes all emerging occupations).

TOP 06 – Media and Communications

Instructional programs that study the theory, principles and methods of creation, transmission, reception and evaluation of various media.

0601.00 – Media and Communications, General
Programs including combinations or overviews of the media arts and technologies categories included in this discipline.

* 0602.00 – Journalism
The gathering, processing, evaluation, and dissemination of information concerning cur-rent events and issues through the mass media. Origination and preparation of materials is prac-ticed.

* 0603.00 – Radio, Motion Picture, and Television History, theories, principles, techniques, functions, technologies, and creative processes of radio and television (including combined television/film/video programs) in reaching mass audiences.

* 0603.10 – Radio
History, theories, principles, techniques, functions, technologies and creative processes of radio.

* 0603.20 – Television (including combined TV/film/video)

History, theories, principles, techniques, functions, technologies and creative processes of television and video. Include here programs that combine television with film and/or video.

* 0603.30 – Broadcast Journalism
Theory and techniques of gathering and reporting news specifically for electronic media such as radio and television.

* 0606.00 – Public Relations
Surveying and research in PR, issues PR and news media collaboration, writing for PR, media in PR, speech writing and PR campaigns, data collection and analysis, logic and critical thinking in PR, psychology in critical thinking, public speaking and presentation skills, legal issues in PR, and ethics.

* 0607.00 – Technical Communication
Theory, methods, and skills for writing and producing scientific, technical, and business communica-tions and documentation.

* 0610.00 – Mass Communications

Study of the media by which entertainment and information messages are delivered, techniques used in such media, and social effects of such messages.

0612.00 – Film Studies (including combined film/video)
History, development, theory, and criticism of the film/video arts, as well as principles of film making and film production.

0612. 10 – Film History and Criticism
History, development, theory, and criticism of the film/video arts.

* 0612.20 – Film Production
Communication of dramatic information, ideas, moods, and feelings through films and videos. Includes film technology and equipment, directing, editing, planning and management of film/video operations.

* 0614.00 – Animation

Principles and techniques for creating the visual illusion of motion through sequenced images. Includes animation using digital technology.

* 0616.00 – Multimedia
Principles and techniques of using computers to bring together text, sounds, animation, graphic art, and video to create interactive products to inform, educate, or entertain.

* 0618.00 – Website Design

Principles of design, user interface/navigation, graphics applications and other authoring tools to design, edit and publish web pages, documents, images, graphics, sound and multimedia products for the Internet.

* 0620.00 – Graphic Communication
Principles and techniques of preparing materials for print or electronic publication using electronic page layout and related computer programs.

* 0620.10 – Desktop Publishing
Methods of preparing text and images for presentation to readers, using computerized electronic page layout programs.

* 0620.20 – Computer Graphics and Digital Imagery

Theories, principles, and uses of computer graphics vector- and raster-based software programs for consumer, commercial, and industrial applications.

* 0699.00 – Other Media and Communications
Specify (includes all emerging occupations).

TOP 07 – Information Technology

Instructional programs in the theories, principles, and methods of design, development and application of computer capabilities to data storage and manipulation.

* 0701.00 –Information Technology, General
Information technology concepts, theories, theories, principles, methods and related computer capabilities and applications related to business, technical, and scientific problems.

* 0702.00 – Computer Information Systems
General programs in data and information storage and processing, including hardware, software, basic design principles, and user requirements.

* 0702.10 – Software Applications
Computer application software used in a business or home environment ranging from an end user skill level to corporate level for the management of information. Concepts, theory, application of software for the design and development, distribution, publishing, presentation, and analysis of text, numeric, and graphic data. Procedures, information, and application of software including a variety of methods for inputting data, records, and information. Application of software and computer-related tools such as e-mail and speech/voice recognition for the global dissemination of information.

0706.00 – Computer Science (transfer)
Scientific and mathematical principles used in designing and building computers and computing systems, including transfer-oriented programs

* 0707.00 – Computer Software Development
Design and development of computer-based applications. Includes systems analysis, design, specification, programming, database analysis and design, user interface development, maintenance, and testing.

* 0707.10 – Computer Programming
Entry-level programming, including methods, procedures, symbols and rules used in planning and writing instructions in computer language for the solution of a problem.

* 0707.20 – Database Design and Administration
Development of database applications in a business or organizational environment, including database architecture, programming languages, proprietary database software, graphical user interfaces, and related skills and techniques.

* 0707.30 – Computer Systems Analysis
Systems analysis and design, including the recognition, definition, and improve-ment of proc-esses through the use of computer technology and methodologies.

* 0708.00 – Computer Infrastructure and Support
Network and operation systems design and administration, including certification preparation.

* 0708.10 – Computer Networking
Principles of local and wide area computer networking design, installation, maintenance and troubleshooting.

* 0708.20 – Computer Support
Preparation to provide technical assistance to computer system users. May include use of computer hardware and software, printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems.

* 0709.00 – World Wide Web Administration
Methods to develop and maintain web servers and hosted web pages, and to function as webmaster. Includes computer systems and networks, servers, web design and editing, information resources management, web policies and security.

* 0709.10 – E-Commerce (technology emphasis)
Programs that combine marketing and management principles with technical applications of the Internet and World Wide Web, with main emphasis on applications of technology.

* 0710.00 – Geographic Information Systems
Computer hardware, software, and procedures designed to manipulate, analyze, and display spatially referenced data for solving planning and management problems.

* 0799.00 – Other Information Technology
Specify (includes all emerging occupations).

TOP 09 – Engineering and Related Industrial Technologies

Instructional programs in the mathematical and natural sciences utilizing the materials and forces of nature for the benefit of human beings. Instructional programs in technol-ogy that require the application of scientific and engineering knowledge, methods, and technical skills in support of engineers and other professionals.

0901.00 – Engineering, General (requires Calculus) (Transfer)

Properties of matter and the sources of energy in nature are made economically useful to humans.

* 0924.00 – Engineering Technology, General (requires Trigonometry)
Technical support of engineering, including the use of civil and mechanical engineering princi-ples, physical sciences, basic physics, mathematics, surveying, materials testing, hydraulics and pneumatics, and the preparation of plans, specifications, and engineering reports.

* 0934.00 – Electronics and Electric Technology
Theory and application of electric and electronic systems and components, including cir-cuits, electro-magnetic fields, energy sources, communications devices, radio, and televi-sion circuits, computers, and other electric and electronic components and devices.

* 0934.10 – Computer Electronics
Principles of computer design and circuitry, systems and network architecture and maintenance, components and peripherals, problem diagnosis and repair.

* 0934.20 – Industrial Electronics
Assembly, installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of electronic equip-ment used in industry and manufacturing. Includes fabrication and assembly of electronic and related components.

* 0934.30 – Telecommunications Technology

Application of engineering principles and technical skills to design and implementation of telecommunications systems. Includes communication protocols, data networking, digital compression and signal processing, satellite and microwave technology.

* 0934.40 – Electrical Systems and Power Transmission
Installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of electrical systems and the power lines that transmit electricity. Includes assembly, installation, maintenance and repair of motors, generators, transformers, and related equipment.

* 0934.60 – Biomedical Instrumentation
Operation, maintenance, and installation of devices associated with biomedical measurements and medical life support.

* 0934.70 – Electron Microscopy
Principles, procedures, and techniques associated with electron microscopes.

* 0934.80 – Laser and Optical Technology
Assembly, installation, testing, adjustment, and operation of various types of lasers and other optical equipment, including fiber optic equipment and systems.

* 0935.00 – Electro-Mechanical Technology
Design, development, testing, and maintenance of electro-mechanical and servo-mechanical devices and systems.

* 0935.10 – Appliance Repair
Repair and servicing of consumer appliances, such as ranges, refrigerators, dryers, water heaters, washers, and dishwashers.

* 0936.00 – Printing and Lithography
Printing or reproduction of materials, including forms, newspapers, publications, and brochures. Computerized pre-print applications, press operations, camera and stripping, and bindery and finish work are included.

* 0943.00 – Instrumentation Technology
Design, manufacture and use of display devices and systems for detection, observation, meas-urement, control, computation, communication, or data processing.

* 0943.30 – Vacuum Technology
Assembly, installation, maintenance, and repair of various vacuum actuated sys-tems and devices.

* 0945.00 – Industrial Systems Technology and Maintenance
Design, construction, maintenance, and operation of mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and electrical equipment and related systems, such as production machinery. Includes building and plant maintenance.

** 0946.00 – Environmental Control Technology (HVAC)
Assembly, installation, operation, maintenance, and repair of air conditioning, heating, and refrigeration systems

* 0946.10– Energy Systems Technology

Theory and methods of energy conservation applied to heating, cooling, and related systems, including the measurement and assessment of energy consump-tion, diagnosis and prescription. Includes alternative energy systems.

* 0947.00 – Diesel Technology
Repair and maintenance of diesel engines in vehicles, ships, locomotives, and construc-tion equipment, as well as stationary diesel engines in electrical generators and related equipment.

* 0947.20 – Heavy Equipment Maintenance
Maintenance, repair and overhaul of heavy equipment.

* 0947.30 – Heavy Equipment Operation
Operation of heavy equipment, including earth moving, demolition, and construc-tion equipment.

* 0947.40 – Railroad and Light Rail Operations
Operation and maintenance of trains and railroad equipment, including light rail, heavy rail, passenger rail, and freight rail.

* 0947.50 – Truck and Bus Driving

Operation of trucks and buses with diesel, gasoline, or alternative power engines.

* 0948.00 – Automotive Technology
The servicing, maintenance, and diagnosis of malfunctions, and repair and overhaul of components and systems in automotive vehicles.

* 0948.30 – Motorcycle, Outboard, and Small Engine Repair

Repair, overhaul, service, and maintenance of motorcycles, outboard motors, and small engines.

* 0948.40 – Alternative Fuels and Advanced Transportation Technology
Conversion to, installation of, and maintenance of electric vehicles, liquefied petroleum gas, compressed natural gas, hybrid fuel technologies, and related systems.

* 0948.50 – Recreational Vehicle Service
Maintenance of hydraulic, electrical, air conditioning and other systems in recreational vehicles.

* 0949.00 – Automotive Collision Repair
Repair and refinishing of automotive vehicle panels and bodies, straightening of vehi-cle frames and unibodies, and replacement of damaged vehicle glass.

* 0949.10 – Upholstery Repair–Automotive

Repair and replacement of automotive interiors.

* 0950.00 – Aeronautical and Aviation Technology
Theory of flight and the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of aircraft, air-craft propulsion units, and aerospace vehicles. Includes combined airframe and powerplant mechanics programs.

* 0950.10 – Aviation Airframe Mechanics
Inspection, repair, service, maintenance, and overhaul of airframes and aircraft systems. The program is designed to meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) require-ments for licensing as an airframe mechanic.

* 0950.20 – Aviation Powerplant Mechanics

Inspection, repair, service, maintenance, and overhaul of aircraft engines and engine systems. The program is designed to meet the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) requirements for licensing as a powerplant mechanic.

* 0950.40 – Aircraft Electronics (Avionics)

Electronic theory, applications and equipment used in aircraft, including installa-tion, maintenance, and repair of aircraft electronic and other operating and control systems.

* 0952.00 – Construction Crafts Technology

Lay out, fabrication, erection, installation, and repair of buildings, highways, airports, and other structures and fixtures, including framing, construction materials, estimating, blueprint reading, and use of tools.

* 0952.10 – Carpentry
Layout, fabrication, erection, and installation of structures using common systems of framing, construction materials, estimating, and blueprint reading.

* 0952.20 – Electrical
Installation, operation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems in buildings, including residential, commercial, and industrial electric power wiring and motors, controls, and electrical-distribution panels.

* 0952.30 – Plumbing, Pipefitting, and Steamfitting
Theories, principles, methods, technical skills and use of equipment in plumbing, pipefitting, and steamfitting.

* 0952.40 – Glazing
Theories, principles, methods, technical skills, and use of equipment in glazing.

* 0952.50 – Mill and Cabinet Work

Cutting, shaping, assembly, and finishing of wood and related materials according to designs and specifications.

* 0952.60 – Masonry, Tile, Cement, and Lath and Plaster
Theories, principles, methods, technical skills, and use of equipment in brick, block and stonemasonry, tile laying and finishing, cement finishing, and lathe and plaster con-struction.

* 0952.70 – Painting, Decorating, and Flooring
Theories, principles, methods, technical skills and use of equipment in painting, deco-rating, paperhanging and flooring

* 0952.80 – Drywall and Insulation

Theories, principles, methods, technical skills, and use of equipment in drywall installa-tion, taping, and insulation.

* 0952.90 – Roofing
Theories, principles, methods, technical skills and use of equipment in hot tar and/or the shingle roofing.

* 0953.00 – Drafting Technology
Planning, preparation, and interpretation of various engineering sketches for design and draft-ing duties, for circuits, machines, structures, weldments, or architectural plans. Includes using computer-aided drafting (CAD) systems.

* 0953.10 – Architectural Drafting
Preparation of working drawings and electronic simulations for architectural and related construction projects.

* 0953.20 – Civil Drafting
Preparation of working drawings and electronic simulations in support of civil engineers, geologic engineers, and related professionals.

* 0953.30 – Electrical, Electronic, and Electo-Mechanical Drafting
Development of working schematics and representations in support of electrical/electronic engineers, computer engineers, electro-mechanical engineers, and related professionals.

* 0953.40 – Mechanical Drafting
Development of working drawings and electronic simulations in support of mechanical and industrial engineers and related professionals.

* 0953.50 – CAD/CADD
Use of Computer Assisted Drafting and Computer Assisted Design. Application of advanced computer software and hardware to the creation of graphic representations and simulations in support of engineering projects

* 0953.60 – Technical Illustration

Principles, methods, and techniques used in the design and layout of consumer, com-mercial, and industrial illustrations.

* 0954.00 – Chemical Technology
Chemical processes, including heat transfer, treatment of liquid and gases, and physi-cal-chemical operations used in industrial processes and the chemical industry.

* 0954.20 – Plastics and Composites
Principles, processes, technical skills, and equipment used in fabricating prod-ucts from plastics, polymers, and composites.

* 0954.30 – Petroleum Technology

Petroleum production, exploration, testing, drilling, analyzing, and logging drill-ing cores and transporting gas and oil.

* 0955.00 – Laboratory Science Technology

Practical analytical applications of inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry biochem-istry, and other physical and biological sciences in laboratory, testing, and quality control settings in industry and science.

* 0956.00 –Manufacturing and Industrial Technology
Engineering principles and technical skills for the manufacture of products and related industrial processes. Includes shaping and forming operations, materials handling, instrumentation and controls, and quality control. Includes Computer Aided Manufacturing and robotics. Also includes optimization theory, industrial and manufacturing planning, and related management skills.

* 0956.30 – Machining and Machine Tools
Fabrication, assembly and repair of parts and components or systems on machines, such as lathes, grinders, drill presses, milling machines, and shaping machines. Includes Computer Numerical Control and tool design.

* 0956.40 – Sheet Metal and Structural Metal
Theories, principles, methods, technical skills, and equipment used in sheet metal occupations and ironworking occupations.

* 0956.50 – Welding Technology
Welding techniques, processes, and equipment applied in accordance with dia-grams, blueprints, or other specifications.

* 0956.70 – Industrial and Occupational Safety and Health

Safety engineering principles and practices, as well as related federal, state and local regulations concerned with workplace safety.

* 0956.80 – Industrial Quality Control
Inspection, testing and evaluation of parts, products, equipment, and processes for adherence to specifications. Includes nondestructive testing.

* 0957.00 – Civil and Construction Management Technology
Application of procedures and techniques related to civil and construction management, including estimating and bidding, scheduling and control, inspection, building systems, construction practices, quality control, labor and safety practices. Includes public works management.

* 0957.20 – Construction Inspection
Inspection of new or remodeled structures to determine their soundness and compliance to specifications, building codes and other regulations.

* 0957.30 – Surveying

Surveying and mapping of angles, elevations, points and contours used for con-struc-tion, map making, urban planning or other purposes. Includes related applications of Global Positioning Systems (GPS) and Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

* 0958.00 – Water and Wastewater Technology

Principles, technical skills and equipment used to process, purify, store and distribute potable water, and dispose of waste water. Design, construction, operation, and mainte-nance of equipment for water or waste water treatment systems.

* 0959.00 – Marine Technology
Operation and maintenance of ships systems and marine equipment.

* 0959.10 – Diving and Underwater Safety
Professional diving, diving instructors or diving support personnel.

* 0961.00 – Optics
Grinding of lenses from optical glass or plastic according to engineering specifications or optometrist prescriptions.

* 0962.00 – Musical Instrument Repair

Maintenance, repair, and tuning of acoustic and electric musical instruments.

* 0963.00 – Public Works
Construction and maintenance of streets and roadways, and other public works such as water and wastewater pipes.

* 0999.00 – Other Engineering and Related Industrial Technologies

Specify (includes all emerging occupations).

TOP 10 – Fine and Applied Arts
Instructional programs that study the perception, appreciation and creation of diverse modes of communicating ideas and emotion by means of visual and nonvisual represen-tations and sym-bols; subject to esthetic criteria and related functions.

1001.00 – Fine Arts, General

Appreciation and production of works of art that express artistic intention.

1002.00 – Art (Painting, Drawing, and Sculpture)
Two and three dimensional techniques in the areas of painting, drawing, and sculpture.

1002.10 – Painting and Drawing

1002.20 – Sculpture
1002.30 – Ceramics

1004.00 – Music
Art and technique of combining sounds of various timbre in harmonic, rhythmic and/or melodic forms, which are artistically expressive

* 1005.00 – Commercial Music
Performance of music in public venues under contract and related business skills and services.

* 1006.00 – Technical Theater
Techniques for communicating information, ideas, moods, and feelings through set design and construction and costuming with attention to stage craft, function, and esthetics.

1007.00 – Dramatic Arts

Drama, theater and interpretation.

1008.00 – Dance
Techniques, composition, and choreography of dance.

* 1008.10 – Commercial Dance

Dance performance techniques specifically for occupational applications.

1009.00 – Applied Design
Theory and studio work in the application of esthetic principles to the design of useful and decorative objects and spaces design and execution of art objects.

1009.10 – Jewelry

Application of design principles and fabrication techniques to the design, creation, and manufacture of jewelry.

1011.00 – Photography
Historic development, esthetic qualities, creative processes, and practical applications of pho-tographic imagery as a means of artistic expression.

* 1012.00 – Applied Photography
Application of esthetic principles and technical processes to the exposure, development, and marketing of photographs and photographic services.

* 1013.00 – Commercial Art

Design and execution of layouts and illustrations for advertising displays and instruc-tional manuals, including the preparation of copy, lettering, poster, package and product design, fashion illustration, silk screening, air brushing, inks, color dynamics, and com-puter pre-print applications.

* 1030.00 – Graphic Arts
Any form of visual artistic representation, including design, painting, drawing, and photogra-phy, and impressions made from various kinds of blocks, plates, screens, or reproductions made from etching, lithography, serigraphy, dry print, offset, and com-puter generated images.

* 1099.00 – Other Fine and Applied Arts
Specify (includes all emerging occupations). 

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